Kate’s Bakes Exhibiton 2019

Kate’s Bakes Exhibiton 2019
10/04/2019 Kate Jenkins
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I am super excited to announce I will be debuting my latest exhibition Kate’s Bakes next month at the Handmade Festival, Fira Barcelona Monjuic from 3rd-5th May 2019.

Since January I have been creating the special installation for the Handmade Festival and hope to tour it around the world after the festival ends.

Kate’s Bakes features all  you would expect to buy in a bakery the only difference is it cannot be eaten. Everything on display is knitted and crocheted with touches of embroidery and a large dollop of humour.

I will also be posting new work in my shop on this website over the next week so if anything takes your fancy do get in touch here info@katejenkinsstudio.co.uk

More details of the Handmade Festival here and how to get tickets www.handmadefestivalbcn.com

Please follow my Instagram account for regular updates and work in Progress at kjcardigan

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