Tinned fish chic…

Tinned fish chic…
06/08/2021 Kate Jenkins

I have always been a massive fan of tinned seafoods and was delighted to read in the Sunday times Style magazine they are in fashion right now.. but for me they always have been.

Most days at lunch time you will find me opening a tin of sardines and putting them under the grill on toast with a sprinkling of chilli flakes and a squeeze of lemon. Not only are they a perfect lunchtime staple for me the tin then get recycled and turned into one of my classic artworks.

See here Tinned Pilchard Monsieur et Madame Sardine au Citron. Tinned Peppered Mackerel (Waitrose)for my most recent tins of inspiration or Tin-spirations as I like to call them….

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