Studio Update Status.. ‘Self Isola’tin’

Studio Update Status.. ‘Self Isola’tin’
26/03/2020 Kate Jenkins
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I just wanted to keep you all updated of the situation here at my studio in Brighton due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The studio shop is now closed for the foreseeable future and lots of events that were due to happen over the next few months have all been postponed until further notice including the Artists Open Houses Trail along with Brighton Festival in May.

On a positive note I will continue with online sales, commissions and orders and will be working alone in my studio ‘self isolating’ or as I have renamed it self isola’tin’

I will continue to run the website sales and orders as long as the post office and couriers are still working so please get in touch here if there is something you would particularly like as a special commission, collaboration or anything else. I will continue to post on my Instagram account so if you are not following me there yet can find me under @kjcardigan

These are going to be very challenging times ahead for everyone and I just wanted to send a message out to all of you to stay safe, stay healthy and and stay home.

Who would have predicted something like this would happen to the world but we can get through this together by staying positive..



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