New Project ‘The Art of Self Isola’tin’

New Project ‘The Art of Self Isola’tin’
23/04/2020 Kate Jenkins
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Over the past few weeks since we all went into lockdown I have decided to start a new project entitled “The Art of Self Isola’tin’ My plan is to create a unique book inspired by the current effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This will be a joint project with my sister Helen Jenkins who I am currently Self Isola’tin with at present and will be a unique book of my art along with recipes created by Helen during the lockdown.

The concept is to create art pieces from various tins I collect from my travels and current weekly shop and Helen uses the contents to create tasty dishes. So far we have had amazing meals created from the simplest of ingredients… . My current favourite so far is a Tinned Squid and Chilli Spaghetti.

Other recipes include Tinned Crevette Cocktail, Tinned Tuna Pie, Morrocan Tinned Peach Salad and Tinned Lobster Bisque there will be a lot more to come during the lockdown.

I will be selling all of the artwork which will be available to purchase on line over the next few months and the book will hopefully be launched at the end of the year so keep watching…

Hope everyone is keeping Safe, well and positive 🙂

Best Wishes

Kate XXX


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