Museum Rijswijk Food for Thought Textile Biennial 2021

Museum Rijswijk Food for Thought Textile Biennial 2021
30/10/2021 Kate Jenkins
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During the Pandemic of 2020 I started a personal project entitled the ‘The Art of Shelf Isola-tin and Social Distance-tin’ where I looked to my kitchen cupboard for inspiration as everyone was in lockdown and people had been panic buying goods from the supermarket shelves for fear of running out of food.

I created a whole series of tinned artworks relating to my experiences during lockdown and wanted to make something that would spread some cheer to people during the awful times people were experiencing during the pandemic.

I was delighted to be selected by Diana Wind, Curator at Museum Rijswijk as one of twenty artists from around the world to be part of the 2021 Textile Biennial ‘Food for Thought’

The exhibition comprises four sub-themes, each of which highlight different aspects of the theme Food for Thought: Investigative & Activist, Identity, Abundance & Unease and Comfort/ Punishment/ Sin and Penance.

Textile Biennale 2021 ‘Food for Thought’
29th August 2021 – 16 January 2022
Museum Rijswijk, Herenstrast .67, 2282, BR Rijswijk

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